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About Me

I'm a staff writer at the Philadelphia City Paper.

My opinion at The Guardian's Comment Is Free and in City Paper's Hostile Witness column.

I'm a contributing writer at Salon, and my work appears in The Atlantic Cities, VICE, The New Republic & AlterNet.

I have appeared on TV and radio regarding contributions to the aforementioned publications, including: Democracy Now!, MSNBC's Tamron Hall discussing segregation and Occupy, public radio's Here & Now on immigration, MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry on police excessive use of force and education reform.

‎"Dan Denvir...earned his reputation as a self-righteous pain-in-the-ass, an unabashed class warrior and the Philadelphia journalist most likely to start a public argument with other journalists over their failures to meet his standards of reportorial decorum. But the same qualities that earned Denvir a parody Twitter account also drove him to relentlessly explore who wields power in this city and how the poor often get screwed by the powerful." - Philadelphia Magazine, December 2012.

I write about politics in the U.S. in general and Philadelphia in particular, media, education, race, class, inequality, law and criminal justice, urban/metropolitan issues, immigration and other topics.

Selected Work

Dearborn: Where Americans Come to Hate Muslims The Atlantic (Atlantic Cities)  (9/25/12)

Who's Killing Philly Public Schools? Underfunded. Overburdened. About to be sold for scrap. City Paper (5/3/12)

Who’s Still Killing Philly Schools? (5/23/13)

DA Refuses to Give Possibly Innocent Man Chance to Prove His Case. Eugene Gilyard is serving a life sentence for murder. Now, another man has confessed. City Paper (5/16/13)

Why is Eric Burke Still a Philly Cop? A police officer's tarnished record signals a dangerously broken system. City Paper (1/31/13)

Welfare cuts push Philly's poor to the brink. City Paper (11/21/12)

Michelle Rhee’s right turn Salon (11/17/12)

School: It's way more boring than when you were there Salon (9/15/11) 

Are Violent 'Flash Mobs' Really a Trend?  The Atlantic (Atlantic Cities)  (9/22/11)

The ICE man: Obama's Backdoor Arizona-style program Salon (7/16/10) [listen to my interview on public radio's Here and Now]

Courts’ Campaign to Squeeze Poor Debtors Goes Awry City Paper (5/2/13)

The media deportation of Jose Antonio Vargas The Guardian (6/27/11)

Casino capitalism: As gambling spreads, metaphor becomes reality Salon (3/09/12)

The 10 most segregated urban areas Salon (3/29/11)

Philly Mag cover: Whites must criticize blacks more. City Paper (2/2/13)

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